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Black Ice Unisex Earrings - 18K Gold

EverGold World


EverGold World introduces you the Black Ice Unisex Earringsone of a kind earrings that are completely 18K Black Gold - not just plated black; this rare piece is black gold inside & out.

Definitely a statement piece.

Available as a pair (two earrings) or a single earring - make your selection below!


    • Colour: Black
    • Gauge: 22 (0.64mm thickness)
    • Carats: 18
    • The earrings REQUIRE a piercing
    • The earrings are made entirely of 18K gold & cobalt to make them black
    • The earrings are NOT black gold plated only so the colour does not fade out.
    • Ratio of metals; 3/4 18K Gold & 1/4 Cobalt

    We have endless options to make your vision come to life, welcome to the World of EverGold, “EverGold World”.

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