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Burj Pin - 18K Yellow Gold

EverGold World


EverGold World introduces you the Burj Pinhigh-quality pins made with 18K gold! Multi-use pin; may also use it as an ear or nose pin!

Stylish and sleek for everyday use!


    • Colour: Yellow Gold
    • Gauge: 20 (0.81mm thickness)
    • Bar length: 5.5mm
    • Diamonds width: 7mm
    • Carats: 18
    • This pin REQUIRES a piercing
    • This pin is made entirely of 18K gold (Stud + Backing)

    Please contact us for customization requests and/or any questions, we are here to help! We have endless options to make your vision come to life, welcome to the World of EverGold, “EverGold World”.

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