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Large Classic Nose Ring - 22K Yellow Gold

EverGold World


EverGold World introduces you the EverGold Classic Nose Ring in size LARGE; high-quality nose ring, hand crafted with 22K gold!

An awesome statement piece for a bridal look! A must have for your big day!


    • Colour: Yellow Gold
    • Gauge: 22 (0.64mm thickness)
    • Carats: 22
    • Diameter: 32mm
    • This nose ring REQUIRES a piercing
    • This nose ring is made entirely of 22K gold and is NOT gold plated only. Also, the colour does not fade since it is made of REAL GOLD (22K)
    • May place on either side of the nose

    You may add a bead to the nose ring by choosing from the options above; one bead is included for free! Please note, the bead is easily removable and the wire attaching the bead to the nose ring is not real gold.

    We have endless options to make your vision come to life, welcome to the World of EverGold, “EverGold World”.

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